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The Christmas Light Academy

About The Academy

At Christmas Light Academy, Our goal is to bring teachers and students together in an online space specifically for our industry. Instead of learning everything from in person training, now you can learn from multiple teachers who specialize in their specific field such as Sales, Marketing, Photography, RGB Products and more!


All courses are available online, providing the flexibility to learn or train at your own pace and convenience in multiple languages. We understand the challenges of not having easily accessible information for learning and growing in one place, and we are committed to ensuring you don’t face those challenges here.

Online Student Learning Objectives

Focus on the parts of the business you want to learn the most.

How To Start Your Business

Discover the ins and outs of launching your Christmas light business. We've got your step-by-step guide, covering everything from planning to success strategies. Become the go-to holiday light entrepreneur with our help!

Employee Training

Employee training is key for safety and top-quality production. Our courses not only equip your team with essential skills but also standardize their understanding of operations. This ensures a better workflow, letting you take a hands-off approach while maintaining excellence.


Ever wondered how to make your Christmas light business stand out? Our guide spills the secrets on online promotion, campaign tactics, and attracting customers. Elevate your business game with our fun and comprehensive marketing tips.


Want to sell Christmas lights like a pro? From creating stunning photos to mastering product knowledge, our step-by-step guidance is your ticket to becoming a confident sales professional.

Bi-Lingual Education

Dive into the festive world of Christmas lights and more, all in Spanish! Our engaging lessons make learning exciting and easy. Bilingual education opens up new doors in the festive lighting industry.

Product Knowledge

Curious about how Christmas lights work? Our guide takes you through it all, from understanding the mechanics to identifying the best products. Elevate your knowledge and stand out in the dynamic festive lighting market.

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